Your 4X4 is a valuable piece of hardware, whether you use just for leisure or it’s a working vehicle. Unfortunately these make a really good target and theft is a far too common occurrence these days.

We spent a long time looking at the various trackers on the market and wanted something that had the features “out of the box” that are important to maximising the success rate for recovery, but at an affordable price with the flexibility to bolt on additional functions for those that want them.

To that end we are delighted to be an authorised reseller and installer of the SKYTAG tracker.

    SKYTAG Locator units utilise both the GPS satellite and GSM network to communicate data back to the control centre not only about your vehicles location but also its movement, speed and direction. The condition of the Vehicle battery is also monitored, allowing SKYTAG to inform you when attention may be required, ensuring that if the worst happens the Locator is ready and waiting for the control centre to help recover your property in record time. Whatever your type of vehicle, make sure you have the added security of SKYTAG protection.

    SKYTAG is the best value fully featured GPS tracking device available today. A fully featured tracker enhanced by a fully managed and monitored service. SKYTAG use the very latest technology from Siemens and Vodafone to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. A compact unit, designed to appear anonymous, once fitted the unit is indistinguishable from other automotive components.

    Every SKYTAG GPS tracker unit is set up and configured to our individual customers requirements any changes / upgrades and also vehicle transfers are included for the duration of ownership. All SKYTAG devices include the first three months subscription as standard.

    £199 is the cost of the tracker fully fitted (including the first three months subscription).

    SKTYAG tracker monitoring costs from £6.99 per month.

    Pretty much anything to be honest. Cars, 4×4’s, lorries, campers, motorhomes, caravans, trailers, plant equipment, boats and motorcycles.

    If it has a voltage present of 6, 12 or 24 volts then we can fit it.

    If you have something you want a tracker fitting to that we haven’t mentioned then give us a call and we’ll go through the options.

    For obvious reasons we don’t openly divulge the size of the unit or how it’s fitted but we are confident that it will fit almost anywhere on almost anything.

    The short answer is yes we can. We take each request on a case by case basis as we need to be sure we have all the right tools for any given installation.

    Although most of our work is local to us, we can travel further afield but may need to add a charge for travel, if this is something you would prefer just call to discuss.

    Some insurers will give up to a 30% discount on your premium for having a tracking device installed. It’s worth giving your insurer a call and see what they can offer.

    No problem at all, transferring the tracker from your old vehicle into your new one can be done by us at our standard workshop rates. Simply call SKYTAG with the new vehicle details and normal service is resumed.

    For the highest level of security, protect your vehicle or asset with a movement alert.


    Nightsafe and  Leisuresafe are designed to give all year round cover providing an increased level of security 24 hours a day or for required periods.

    NightSafe & LeisureSafe movement protection

    LeisureSafe is an optional upgrade to your standard SKYTAG Locate cover providing protection for your vehicle or asset during the most vulnerable times.
    Designed for leisure vehicles that are used 2-3 times a week, “LeisureSafe” is fully automatic with no requirement to remember to turn on and off.
    A bespoke zone is created around your home address or where the vehicle is normally stored.
    If the vehicle moves out of this zone during the protected hours an alert is sent to
    your mobile phone, your landline, text and email.

    NightSafe is designed for everyday use vehicles where you need protection during the vulnerable dark hours. Using a zone similar to “LeisureSafe” the system only alerts for vehicles leaving the “home Zone” between midnight and 5:00am.
    Coming home late or leaving very early? No problem, Nightsafe only triggers an alert for vehicles leaving the homezone, not entering. If you’re coming home after midnight, Nightsafe will recognise this and take no action. If you leave the protected zone before 5am in the morning, you will trigger the alerts however as its you in the vehicle you can simply ignore these.

    NightSafe and LeisureSafe are available as a simple upgrades to your SKYTAG Locate subscription and cost just  £4 per month. Annual 12 month Locate subscriptions including NightSafe/LeisureSafe can be ordered on line, if you already have an annual subscription or pay monthly please call SKYTAG and they will calculate the upgrade cost for you.

    (please note that once set the safe zone is subject to one change request per annum. This is to allow for moving home or storage location. Extra safe zones can be arranged at an additional  £4 per month per zone)

    LiveView  is for monitoring the vehicle yourself from any computer or internet smart phone.

    This service allows you to see the vehicle live and set geozones and monitor the battery state. Available as a simple upgrade to the standard service ” LiveView” is only £6  per month extra.

    Whilst “LiveView” tracking is a UK only service, worldwide stolen vehicle tracking remains unaffected.


    Geozone is the ultimate 24 hour protection service from SKYTAG. Available for a minimum of three consecutive days Geozone is monitored 24 hours a day.  If your vehicle moves during the period Geozone is active SKYTAG will contact you or whoever has been nominated on your behalf.

    Perfect for holidays – Leaving your vehicle at home while you’re away on holiday, or in an airport carpark? Geozone is perfect for these situations, giving you total peace of mind while you’re away that if any problems arise SKYTAG be watching the vehicle for you.

    Geozone costs just  £1 per day (minimum three consecutive days) and can be set up in any location required. Simply let SKYTAG know the times and dates you require Geozone cover and they will apply the alerts to the vehicle location automatically.

    SKYTAG has worldwide coverage, so even if your pride and joy is shipped abroad it can be tracked and traced.

    If you take out the Liveview additional option, you can track your device via the web or app within the UK.

    Skytag announce 100% money back guarantee.

    SKYTAG are pleased to announce that as from the 1st July 2010 all of our trackers come with a 100% money back guarantee.

    SKYTAG has announced another industry ‘first’-  They are so confident that they can recover your vehicle, should your SKYTAG fitted vehicle be stolen and not recovered resulting in a ‘total loss’ payout from your insurer then SKYTAG will reimburse the customer in full for the locate system, this includes the initial purchase price, connection fees, delivery and all subscriptions paid.

    Guy Topsom, MD of SKYTAG commented “We believe fitting a vehicle with SKYTAG is the best way to protect your vehicle or assets, so much so we are absolutely confident that we can recover them in the quickest possible timeframes. Some other tracker operators rely on outdated RF technology and focus their recovery efforts on ports, this may sound like a good thing but the truth is they have few other options. SKYTAG tracks vehicles across the whole of Europe because we use GPS technology and do not rely on receivers fitted to police vehicles, these have a range of just 1-3 miles and in fact very few patrols carry the equipment.”   Of all the vehicles stolen in the UK most are disposed of or broken up for spares within the country. These will potentially never come within range of a patrol vehicle with the required equipment or container port. However SKYTAG are able to track these vehicles easily even if they are taken to a remote commercial unit or farm building or ‘cloned’ and used on the roads.

    SKYTAG boast a number of serving police officers amongst their clients, all too familiar with the limitations of other tracker systems, they have chosen SKYTAG to protect their vehicles. One high ranked officer recently purchased a £50,000 motor home to enjoy his retirement exploring the UK, Europe and beyond, needless to say,  his first choice was to fit a SKYTAG Locate system.

    Guy added “We aim to give our customers complete peace of mind and of course we’re keen to encourage as many people as possible to install a SKYTAG locate system. By making this promise we hope to reassure our customers that we have 100% confidence in our system and we’re prepared to back it up fully. Now they have nothing to lose – including their vehicle!

    To qualify for the guarantee the SKYTAG locater must of course be fitted and active and have passed it’s most recent monthly test. Subscriptions must be paid up to date and not in arrears at the time of the loss. The locater must be fitted to the vehicle that SKYTAG has recorded on our system at the time of loss. Refunds will be paid upon request and are subject to receipt of payout details from your insurance company.


    SKYTAG GPS tracker is a proven, comprehensive stolen vehicle location service that can locate and track your vehicle anywhere in the World, within metres.

    Our Monitoring system is the only system to provide direct Police access to live, real time location data. This unique feature speeds up the recovery process and enables the Police to monitor the vehicle from a distance, reducing the chance of a high speed chase and damage to your vehicle.

    11 Minute Fastest Recovery UK Record

    • 24 hour 365 days a year UK monitoring service, low cost and contract free.
    • Full Worldwide coverage
    • Optional “NightSafe”,”LeisureSafe”,”LiveView” and “Geozone” movement protection alerts.
    • Direct Police access to our real time mapping system and the ability to report a theft at anytime. Dramatically increasing the chance of recovery.
    • SKYTAG liaison with the nearest police command centre to your vehicle location, speeding up the location process.
    • Monthly GPS tracker equipment test and operational heath check, reported to you via text or email.
    • Simple installation reducing cost and increasing the GPS devices security.
    • Fully transferable covert GPS tracking device that moves as you change vehicle.
    • Once installed we send a certificate of operation for your insurance company.
    • Backup battery and vehicle battery alerts. We can even tell you when your vehicle battery is getting low.


    Our aim is the continued provision of a service enabling vehicles to be located and recovered within a short time, potentially less than an hour of a detected theft.

    A selection of testimonials from the SKYTAG website.
    Nice thing about your product, you do forget until you need it, then think, thank goodness I went with Skytag. (Thanks), Land Rover is in the garage at the moment having some work done on it.
    Client Reply to Battery Disconnect warning.
    ‘Being the officer recently refered to in the article “Land Rover in record time”
    I would like to say having been in the Police service for 25 years,
    I have dealt with the theft and recovery of hundreds, if not thousands of stolen vehicles.
    With the introduction of immobilisers etc the career criminal is getting more and more desperate and have to resort to burglary or robbery to steal a vehicle with it’s key’s.
    In my opinion the safest way to deal with this type of incident is allow them to take your vehicle without a fight, thus avoiding any violent confrontation.
    Report the matter, then allow the tracker and the Police to do their work.
    The best way to ensure this is to fit a ‘real time GPS tracking system’ such as the Skytag, this enables your vehicle to be tracked and recovered by the Police in a quick, controlled and methodical way.
    Having recovered the Land Rover in record time (12 minutes) I was so impressed with the Skytag GPS system, it’s 24 hr 7 days a week monitoring team, it’s pinpoint accuracy, reliability, ease of fitment and very competitive price I bought two systems for my own personal vehicles’.
    Joe Griffin. (Police Officer. Greater Manchester Police.)


    I’ll start with well done, this goes to prove that your systems are spot on!
    My trailer tracking device is fitted to my I.W. trailer, and as a test Skytag tracked the route as if on a real stolen vehicle/trailer, over some 240 miles one way.
    ‘Does what it says on the tin’, well impressed!
    My trailer sits on my driveway unused for most of the time, along with the mounted Skytag Tracker being discharged and dormant.
    Power-up of trailer electrics then gives enough power almost immediately for the Tracker device to become operational.
    I now have no doubt that in the event of my trailer being stolen, recovery would be very swift!
    The route that was tracked and displayed was absolutely correct.
    S.R. Leicester  (Client)


    “Just like to say many thanks again for your help, it’s nice to work with a company who offer a good service. The system was simple to install, hopefully it will never have to be used in anger.”
    S.A. Aylesbury (Client)


    “Few things in life are more dispiriting than having your vehicle nicked so this GPS tracker is just the job. Very impressive, I have to say.”
    Land Rover Monthly, May 2010.


    “The skytag unit was located half way down inside the building in a storage cupboard on the ground floor, with the skytag unit on the floor. (I) thought that would make it more interesting, but obviously no problem. Very impressive.”
    Unit test by TD5 Alive, performance tuning.



    “Skytag is a marvellous device, making a positive contribution to the security of your vehicle. The accuracy is astounding. My advice to anyone who takes pride in or values their vehicle would be to fit a locate system”
    D Lawson, Detective Chief Inspector (ret) Kent Police

    Certainly, we sell the tracker which comes with fitting instructions. The tracker unit is £124-95  to buy including postage via Royal Mail First Class Signed For recorded delivery.

    We have had quite a few questions around tracking devices that don’t have VHF as part of their function and there are some interesting and polarised opinions around the subject.

    The main concerns expressed are:-

    GPS/GSM trackers are easily jammed by readily available devices from the internet.

    GPS/GSM trackers won’t work in shipping containers, underground car parks or metal outbuildings.

    So what do these technologies actually do in the world of tracking?

    GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) – The GPS unit searches and locks onto a number of satellites. It then reports it’s position to those satellites and the software in the Control Room can show those coordinates on a map, much like you searching on Google Earth for example. The positioning reported is accurate to within a few metres.

    GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) – GSM uses the mobile phone networks to connect to. Once connected the position is determined by which cell it has connected to, again accuracy is very good but not quite as accurate as GSM.

    GPS and GSM can work out speed, distance and direction of travel for a moving unit.

    VHF (Very High Frequency) – VHF is a radio transmitter that works on a frequency between 30 – 300 Mhz. Accurate positioning relies on mobile units with a radio receiver to measure signal strength and derive a bearing so they can move closer to the signal, the more units the better chance of tracking the radio signal down.


    GSM and GPS work in real time, finding the position whether stationary or moving is very easy, the real time information can help the Police on the ground in a live tracking situation.

    Using the GSM and GPS information, a “zone” can be created around your home for example or specific areas around a farm. If the tracking unit is moved outside of these “zones” then an alert is sent informing the owner, very useful at night or if you are away. You can then inform the Police and SKYTAG so tracking can begin.

    VHF works on a lower frequency than GSM or GPS, this means that the signal is harder to block by solid structures, it can be blocked if the structure is dense or deep enough but GSM and GPS will have been defeated before the VHF signal.


    GSM and GPS signals might be able to be blocked by aftermarket devices and if placed in thick enough enclosures.

    VHF tracking is a much slower process to get to the actual location and best results require more than one resource in the search. A moving target is very difficult to track without air support.

    Some VHF trackers have to be activated after the theft is discovered before the search can begin, losing the notification ability that GSM – GPS systems can give.

    Cost considerations.

    A fully loaded VHF, GSM and GPS system is still an expensive proposition, in some cases well over twice the cost of SKYTAG and the monthly tracking subscription to think about as well. Not only that some of these expensive systems will only track in the UK and Europe and not Worldwide.

    On the flip side, there are cheap options on the internet but when you sit down and compare actual functionality then they don’t necessarily stack up.

    Our view.

    We have our own 4X4 vehicles and other items which we cherish as much as you do with yours.

    The key points for us is that we want to know if our vehicles have moved when it happens and to be able to get the search started straight away, for us the GPS and GSM systems give us those options.

    The usual thing that happens is that once stolen, it’s laid up for a few days to see if it gets recovered. The thieves return and if it’s still there then they assume no tracker. It’s during that time that you hope it will have been recovered.

    Lets assume the thieves have a blocking device, we think it’s a 50/50 whether they can block the signal completely and for an extended period of time, the unit only has to communicate once for SKYTAG to get the position.

    The heartbreaking scenario is if your vehicle is stolen, taken somewhere quiet and stripped for parts, again we want to know when the vehicle has moved out of the “zone”, it might not stop it from happening but the response time may be quick enough to disturb or apprehend.

    The big consideration for us is the overall cost and what can the system do versus the value of our vehicle. SKYTAG wins out for us and that’s why we are happy to recommend it.

    We do understand that the VHF technology does help on a longer search in the container or underground car park situation but the time it takes to find with VHF means it’s likely to have been stripped bare or gone for good, we don’t think the additional feature justifies the higher price tag.

    Our final view on any of the devices available today, choose one that suits your needs and budget, but have a tracker as part of your anti theft measures, not your only one. Don’t advertise that you have one and keep them guessing.

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