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Occasionally one of our privately owned vehicles come up for sale or one belonging to our friends or family.

This page provides an avenue for advertising such vehicles free and gratis as we are in the Land Rover and Landcruiser interest area. However, Freedom 4X4 make no claims, endorse or warranty any of the vehicles that may appear here.

All persons must treat this page just as they would in a private listing or advert. You must satisfy yourself by inspection or taking someone knowledgeable to view a vehicle before making any offer or committing yourself to a purchase.

Any conversations, agreements, negotiation or concerns you may raise are between you and the person selling the vehicle. Freedom 4X4 will not act as a go between, handle any monies or otherwise be involved with the sale or any disputes arising.

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Landcruiser starter motors.

Clicking and won't start?

You’ve jumped into the vehicle, got to be somewhere important and then you get the dreaded click when trying to start, you give it a couple of goes on the key and it finally starts.

If this has just happened to you then you’ve got, at best, another 3 or 4 starts left in the starter motor before it won’t start the engine again.

Okay, time to buy another starter. But there’s a good chance  you’ll end up having the same problems again further down the line.

So what’s going on?

All starters have a finite lifespan but there are a couple of things you can check that can extend the life of your starter.

Inside the starter are heavy duty copper contacts and a plunger which closes when you turn the key and draw that high current from the battery in a short burst to allow the starter motor to turn the engine.



Vehicle Sales

Right from the beginning, Land Rovers have been loved for their simplicity, ruggedness and adaptability. Machines that can truly be put to use in almost any setting, however for some this still isn’t enough.
Certain organisations and individuals have wanted to make their Land Rovers even more suited to the task in hand. This desire has led to the creation of many weird and wonderful Land Rovers, some created by Land Rover themselves, others by engineers willing to take on a challenge.

Forest Rover



The forestry commission was experiencing problems with their standard Land Rovers, they kept getting them stuck in the deep ruts on the forest tracks, the Machinery Research Officer at the time thought up a solution.
With his idea roughly sketched on paper he sat down with Land Rover, he

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